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Modelling and Simulation of Physical-Technical Models
  • Simulation of the dynamic bahaviour of a charged diesel engine with pressured air injection
  • Simulation of the dynamics of a robot with 3 carthesian axes digitally controlled and guided by a force sensor
  • Simulation of the instationary heat transfers in an appartment house in order to optimize the control of the heating
  • Simulation of the supply of electrical power and water for domestic use in a building with fuel cells
Modelling and Simulation in Informatics
  • Simulation of a communication on a field bus
Modelling and Simulation of Service Models
  • Simulation of a supermarket till, a bank teller, etc.
Modelling and Simulation in the Field of Traffic
  • Simulation, control and optimal design of an elevator
  • Simulation of traffic flows by learning individuals (optimimization in a coevolutionary context)
Modelling, Simulation and Optimization in the Fields of Production
  • Optimal tuning of a production line for refrigerators (Bosch-Siemens-Hausgeräte)
  • Decission supporting comparaison betwenn pool and island production of truck brakes (Bosch, Nürnberg)
  • Optimal design of a mounting facility for the in-time premounting of wheels (BMW, Dingolfing)
  • Dispatching of tasks in flexible production systems by means of statistical disposition
Modelling, Simulation and Optimization in Economics and Ecology
  • Simulation of chances and risks of buisiness decissions in a production factory
  • Optimal activity in a liberalised electric power market
  • Optimal operation of a farm in the Allgaeu. Simulation of
    • climate conditions
    • the loop of material of grassland
    • stock and dairy farming
    • the loop of material in the farm on the whole
    • the letting of holiday appartements as sideline
    • price formation on oligopolitical formed markets
    • investment decisions