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Simplex3 is a simulation system that may be used on Windows as well as LINUX resp. UNIX platforms.

It supports the performance of simulation studies in all phases, which enables highly productive working.

The model description language allows the description of almost all kinds of models. Only models mainly relying on partial differential equations can be represented inconviniently.

Simplex3 differs from other simulation tools in its universal applicability especially to the fields of discrete models as well as queuing and transportation models and the possibility to freely define models without recourse to program in a higher programming language.

Due to its universality it ideally fits the needs of teaching and research at universities. In industry, it is of particular interest in fields that lack of specialized simulators. This often happens if models of different sciences have to be combined in one application.

  • Construction of models in the model description language Simplex-MDL

  • Composition of model databases with the support of a model development environment

  • Interactive embedding of the model into the system environment by means of a C-interface

  • Interactive experimenting on the basis of a complete separation of model and experiment as well as direct access to all model variables

  • Predefined experimenting and optimization through the experiment description language Simplex-EDL

  • Analysis of data series by means of statistical methods

  • Graphical presentation of results in chart-graphics