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Simplex3 can be applied to all fields in which the solution of partial differential equations does not play a major role, but a set of ordinary differential or difference equations reasonably describe the system.

Production Engineering
  • In-Plant flow of material:
    • Utilization of means of transportation, machines and workers
    • Cycle times of work pieces
    • Inventory of buffers and intermediate storages
    • Dimensions of resources
    • Strategies of material flow
    • Work shift models
  • Stock-Keeping:
    • Order policies for optimum stock of inventory (time and quantity to refill the stock)
Public Health
  • Operation of hospitals and medical consulting rooms:
    • Utilization of resources (operating rooms, equipment) and staff
    • "Cycle times" of patients
    • Priority of activities
    • Work shift models
Service Systems
  • Restaurants and Catering
  • Supermarket tills
    • Number of waiters and shop assistants
    • Timing of service
    • Organization of progress
  • Public authority
  • Insurances
  • Banks
    • Cycle time of orders and applications
    • Utilization of clerks
    • Optimal organization of progress, optimization of processes
Staff System
  • Big companies and public authority
    • Development of staff
    • Development of qualification profiles and continued education
Control Systems
  • Control of elevators:
    • Distribution of transport times
    • Number of elevator cars
    • Best control strategy
Feedback Control Systems
  • Systems with continuous or digital controlers:
    • Dimensioning of the controller
    • Optimal control system design (number of feedback loops, state control system)
    • Improving the startup behaviour
Communication Systems
  • Information exchange based on protocols:
    • Performance, Deadlocks, Lifelocks
  • Track of material flows
    • Optimal timing and quantity of fertilization
    • Optimal timing and quantity of harvests
  • Development of investments
  • Optimal timing of investments